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Lasting exhibition: Beyond fast fashion

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The global clothing consumption has doubled in 20 years and has become an environmental villain. How did that happen? And what is the most environmentally friendly garment?

The exhibition opens 12th of March, 2024 and will last one year, until March 2025.

The exhibition addresses the massive growth in clothing production over the past few decades. Where do the clothes come from? And where do they end up? The exhibition explores what fast fashion is and who is truly responsible for stopping the ever-growing overproduction and consumption of clothes. The exhibition also shows what individuals can do to contribute to more sustainable clothing consumption.

Beyond fast fashion” exhibition is based on the LASTING research project and created by SIFO (Norwegian Institute for Consumer Research) in collaboration with the Natural History Museum. We have studied how product lifespan can be extended by examining regulations, production and design processes, and consumer behaviour. References used for the exhibition text are available here.

The exhibition is placed at the Climate House of Natural History Museum, Sars’ gate 1 in Oslo.